Providing Intersectional Anti-Racist Workshops, Seminars and Consultation for Organizations, Churches, Schools and Universities.


Ewuare Osayande established Freedom Plow as a means to educate and empower organizations invested in the work of social justice. A liberatory learning initiative that addresses structural and interpersonal forms and forces of oppression, Freedom Plow provides groups the opportunity to come together, learn, plan and strategize to build authentic communities of justice and equity.

Ewuare Osayande has been facilitating workshops for more than 25 years all over the world. He brings that wealth of experience into every workshop and seminar. An acclaimed author and activist, his work is rooted in the critical race and feminist theory and the grounded in the activism of social justice movements across the globe.

Most Popular Workshops

Resisting Racism Workshop, Level 1

People of Color Empowerment

Rooting Out Racism in the Church


Undoing Institutional Racism

Organizational Decolonization 101

From Ally to Activist


“Osayande’s passion, compassion and hope drew our students to him. Because he provided scholarly sources for the information shared in his workshops, the reality of race as a social construct for the benefit of its constructors and toward the detriment of others was indisputable. This left our students with the challenge of better appreciating their collective humanity. He has planted the seeds of POWER at Bard College. The roots of self-determination and accountability took hold. Our students continue to tend the garden in anticipation of social justice in full bloom!”

Dr. Geneva Foster, Director of Multicultural Affairs, Bard College


"Osayande's facilitation was patient but left no room to avoid speaking to the heart of the issues of racism and privilege. Students were left challenged by the workshop, but in a way that made us stronger in our understanding of racism and more prepared to confront it."

Amelia Burke, White Students Confronting Racism, Swarthmore College


"There is no other way to have a conversation about racism than to ground the discussion in the history of race. Osayande's workshops do just that. The breadth of Ewuare’s understanding of both the historical construction of race and the legacy of racism in the United States provides a solid foundation for subsequent dialogue about our everyday relationship to and experiences with and within racism. In this way, there is no room for thoughtless disclosure, empathy or public apology. Our only option is to learn, process, and resist."

Dr. Yaba Amgborale Blay, Joint Multicultural Program, Lehigh University

Some of the places that have experienced Osayande’s workshops …

Bard College

Lehigh University

Swarthmore College

Rutgers University

Emory University

Central Michigan University

Student Environmental Action Coalition

National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership

The Green Party

Mennonite Church USA

The Friends Society

Wesleyan University


Westminster Presbyterian Church

Mosaic Church

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary

Goshen College

Messiah College

Eastern University

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