from the backwoods of American history

comes a white riot walking in folds of pig’s skin


a spoiled brat turned robber baron

bamboozling appalachian workers

seeking to collect dividends on their psychological wage


Capitalism’s Freudian slip

The Grand Id of Imperialism

Napoleon Bonafart with a complex to match

the ass of the ruling class

a tax-dodging sociopath, flag-waving fascist

marching to the echo in the cave of his small mind

who can’t speak in intelligible sentences

without the aid of a teleprompter


Internet Troll-in-Chief

commanding millions of minions

hanging on his every tweet


who has all the civility of a serial rapist


an ass backwards bigot whose speech is a hate crime

conferring with klansmen and conspiracy theorists

whose preferred greeting is a Nazi salute

who would turn the Secret Service into the SS


a constitutional conman whose campaign was a shell-game

elected in a democracy that’s never been

whose term is an impeachment in process

backed by the same financial interests as the 3rd World dictators

that are responsible for his government training


the Great White Dope

the 4th Stooge

A celebrity TV Scrooge

the Devil’s Apprentice

whose love is the root of all evil


consider this white supremacy’s last dying gasp

and whatever label given is but a warning

who is a more imminent threat to humanity than global warming


Copyright 2016 Ewuare X. Osayande