Rooted in History. Inspired by the Present. Focused on a Liberated Future for All.

Author and activist Ewuare X. Osayande is a dynamic speaker taking on the pressing social, cultural and political issues of our time. With the mind of a historian, the heart of an organizer and the spirit of a poet, he brings a message that is engaging, challenging and inspiring. Since 1992, Osayande has spoken at hundreds of educational and religious institutions across the country and around the world.  His international experience provides him with a perspective that enables a broader understanding of how interconnected our world is and the work we must do to build equitable communities of solidarity. Seeking to encourage us all towards greater empathy and action, his presentations are driven by the determination of movements for justice.

“Ewuare Osayande’s intellectual passion and scholarly research is clearly evident in his writings and presentations. Osayande does more than just speak about the man; he captures the message and the spirit of the movement. Osayande’s powerful voice and liberating vision reverberates. He has embraced his prophetic call and in the tradition of Old Testament prophets, Osayande refuses to proclaim ‘Justice, Justice!’ until there is justice for all!”

The Rev. Dr. Karen Hernandez-Granzen

Sr Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Trenton, NJ
“To violate someone because that person is female or gay or lesbian or poor or disabled or is a person of color, does not diminish that person’s humanity; rather, it diminishes your own. True freedom is experienced in the fight to dismantle all forms of oppression.”

Ewuare X. Osayande

“At a time when the outcry is minimal and the voices tragically few, Ewuare Osayande’s Misogyny & the Emcee takes no prisoners on challenging all forms of inter and intra-racial violence perpetuated against Black women and girls. Too fierce! Osayande reminds us that if Black people, most especially Black men, do not address sexism with the same vigilance that we (need to) address racism, our (non-monolithic) communities will never be whole or safe. In response to Abbey Lincoln’s timeless essay “Who Will Revere The Black Woman?,” Osayande’s powerful book of essays very loudly and clearly say “I will!” Aishah Shahidah Simmons

Producer, Writer, Director, "No! The Rape Documentary

An Unprecedented Work!

Published in 2006 when most debates on hip hop were rhetorical prattles between liberal defenders and conservative detractors that centered on “free speech versus censorship,” Misogyny and the Emcee offers a more nuanced look that puts the interests of people before profit. An unprecedented work, Misogyny and the Emcee was the first book written by a Black man critically engaging the socio-political constructs of hip hop culture through the radical lens of Black womanist thought without compromise. Covering the major controversies in hip hop, Osayande dissects the lives and lyrics rap artists even as he locates them within a nefarious web of corporate seduction and cultural imperialism. It remains an underground classic of insurgent scholarship in service to Black cultural liberation.

"A Powerful Voice - Brilliant and Compelling"

“This collection of speeches by Ewuare Osayande is brilliant and compelling. His criticism is passionate and captures the anguish and urgency of the contemporary crisis in African American life. A powerful voice in the tradition of David Walker, Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X.”

Dr. Wayne Glasker

Associate Professor, History and Africana Studies, Rutgers University, NJ