First published in 2008 when most debates on hip hop were rhetorical prattles between liberal defenders and conservative detractors that centered on “free speech versus censorship,” Misogyny and the Emcee offers a more nuanced look that puts the cultural interests of Black people before commercial profit. An unprecedented work, Misogyny and the Emcee is the first book written by a Black man critically engaging the socio-political constructs of hip hop culture through the radical lens of Black feminist/womanist thought without compromise. Confronting the exploitation and repression of Black women in and out of hip hop, Osayande dissects the lives and lyrics of rap artists even as he locates them within a nefarious web of corporate seduction and cultural imperialism. More than a decade later, it remains an underground classic of relevant insurgent cultural criticism.

* This 2019 Ebook version has been updated with three additional essays.

“At a time when the outcry is minimal and the voices tragically few, Ewuare Osayande’s Misogyny and the Emcee takes no prisoners and cuts straight to the chase on challenging all forms of inter and intra-racial violence perpetuated against Black women and girls. In response to Abbey Lincoln’s timeless essay “Who Will Revere the Black Woman?,” Osayande’s powerful book of essays very loudly and clearly say, “I will!” Too fierce!”
Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Producer, Writer, Director, “NO! The Rape Documentary”

“This is a powerful, passionate, compelling commentary. Osayande is devastating and relentless in his logic, and unsparing in his willingness to name those who collaborate in corrupting Black culture. Ideal for general readers and especially courses in Black history, sociology and cultural studies.”
Dr. Wayne Glasker, Associate Professor of History, African American Studies, Rutgers University

“An unrestrained, a honest, an informed, a poignant, a disciplined, and a challenging analysis of the representation of violence against Black women and the misogyny that defines rap music. Transformative reading.”
Dr. Joyce A. Joyce, Professor of English, Temple University

Table of Contents:

A Wife-Beater is Not an Undershirt: The Need for a Culture of Resistance

Sexist Perpetraitors Are Not Playas But Haters Cause Misogyny Ain’t No Game: Addressing The Case of R. Kelly

The Source of the Confusion: Eminem, The Source and the Denigration of Black Women in Hip Hop

Spittin’ Acid at the Sistahs: Rap(e) & The Assault of Black Women

Manufacturing Pimps: Rewarding the Violent Repression of Black Women from Hip Hop to Hollywood

Defiant Black Love Post-Imus: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Nappiness

Snoop Dogma: Porn-Again Christians, Wife-Beating Bishops and the Damnation of Women

When Consciousness Ain’t Common: Calling Out Karl Rove’s Contradiction and Ours, Too

Too Little, Too Late: Why We are Way Behind on the Too $hort Debate

Ray Rice, the NFL, Black Men: On the Barbarity of Benevolent Patriarchy



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