A Poetic Testament

Ewuare X. Osayande’s Our Breath is the Whisper of Our Ancestors’ Defiance is the poetic testament of the post-Civil Rights generation. Spanning 30 years and including five previously published books along with new and unpublished poems, this anthology is the crowning achievement of a poet-scribe who is a faithful witness to the freedom stride of his people. In Our Breath, Osayande is our impassioned ambassador of Blackness, extolling the virtues of justice as love in poems that read like psalms and proverbs for a world on fire.


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Ewuare X. Osayande is a poet, activist, and author of more than ten books including Blood Luxury, Whose America? and Black Phoenix Uprising. A former professor of African American Studies  at Rutgers University, he is the founding editor of The Poetariat, an international poetry journal. 

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The Only Black-Led International Poetry Journal

The Poetariat is the realized vision of Ewuare X. Osayande for a home for working-class poets worldwide who use their words to work for justice. We are currently accepting poem and art submissions. Click the button to learn more!


"Ewuare Osayande is brilliant and compelling. His criticism is passionate and captures the anguish and urgency of the contemporary crisis in African American life. A powerful voice in the tradition of David Walker, Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X."
Dr. Wayne Glasker
Africana Studies, Rutgers University
"Ewuare Osayande, through his work, gives us an unrestrained, honest, informed, disciplined, and challenging analysis. Here is a Black man who lovingly critiques our communities with the disciplined distance necessary for individual and communal transformation.”
Dr. Joyce A. Joyce
Professor of English, Temple University
"Passionate, provocative, evocative, insightful and always truthful, Osayande's work stands as one of the best examples of prophetic criticism that speaks not only to, and from, the contemporary Africana urban experience, but to anyone interested in the struggle for human liberation."
Dr. Lewis R. Gordon
Author, Fear of Black Consciousness
“Ewuare Osayande’s poems are anthems for 21st Century Black folk, Harriet Tubman’s rifle behind our backs in the swamp. His work reminds us that the poet, not the politician, is our pilot of social consciousness. No injustice escapes his pen.”
Yolanda Wisher
Former Poet Laureate, City of Philadelphia

Ewuare X. Osayande


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