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“Passionate, evocative, insightful and always truthful, Osayande’s work stands as one of the best examples of prophetic criticism that speaks to the contemporary Africana urban experience and to anyone interested in the struggle for human liberation.”

Lewis Gordon

The Inst for the Study of Race and Social Thought

“Ewuare Osayande’s workshops are rooted in history and fact, grounded in reality and truth. He is a powerful and dynamic speaker, and his words will linger in your head for days, weeks and – if you do the follow-up work that he recommends – the rest of your life.”

Kate Zaiden

The Student Environmental Action Coalition

“Ewuare Osayande is a burning voice of dissent speaking to us all about the gravest human issues of our times. Lucid, provocative, brave and urgent, Osayande stays true to the poet’s calling: the search for truth and the unbending advocacy of life.”

John Sankofa

The New York Amsterdam News

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“Black Lives Matter is a cry of defiance in the face of a system that has long denied Black life’s self-evident right to civil and human rights. It is a cry that seeks to crack the corroded indifference of the American mind as rusted and decrepit as the pipes that carry poisoned drinking water in Flint.”

“Blessed are Black Lives” – Ewuare Osayande

MLK Day 2017-Silver Spring, MD

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