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More than Gold – Poem for Gabrielle Douglas

by Ewuare X. Osayande


your world was as wide as the palm of your hand

oblivion on either side

you trained past bruises and pain

refused defeat

mastering unforgiving bars and beams of wood


sashaying like a young Katherine Dunham

a geometry of poise and grace

somersaulting into the record books

rewriting history with hands, feet and a mind

strengthened by grit and time


your smile

is beautiful and bright as an African sun


in the minds of our daughters

with dreams big and brave as your leaps and bounds


you won more than gold

you won the adoration of your people

the respect of a nation

and the reverence of the world



named for an angel

bearing the wings of Maat

balanced belief and determination

we watched you fly

into the halls of Mt. Olympus

your name etched in its stone

forever to remain.

Ewuare X. Osayande is a poet, activist and author of several books including Whose America?. Follow his work on Facebook and Twitter.

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